Setting expectations, and managing them with care, is essential to sustaining our personal and professional relationships. Members share their perspectives on how to do this successfully. Considering the complexity of humans and unpredictability of life, this is no easy task.

Coaching Expectations

Meeting Date: 2 / 4 / 15

Attending MembersHarrison BernsteinPatrick RahmKelley VargoJohannah Zabal


06:00 – A definition of expectations from the research

15:20 – Do you spend more of your time raising or lowering expectations? 

21:50 – Is there ever a benefit to setting unrealistic expectations?

27:53 – Examples of compromising the ideal to maintain the coach – client relationship

41:20 – The unpredictability of life’s influence on expectations 

54:00 – The interplay between goal setting, expectations, celebration and failure

1:00:40 – Predictability and variability’s influence on exercise adherence

1:14:25 – How often do you allow the execution of an exercise fall below your expectations? 

1:19:55 – Relying on our reason and / or our intuition while coaching

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