The stigmas, side effects, and potential upsides of steroid use are discussed. For the military, would the potential upsides out-weigh the potential down-sides? If allowed within certain realms of society, could they be contained? What would be the consequences? Is gene editing the next and potentially safer avenue to continue pushing human limits?


Meeting Date: 1 / 18 / 17

Attending Members: Tyler KochPatrick RahmJohannah Zabal 

The works of Vladimir Zatsiorsky & Brad Schoenfeld fuel much of the discussion. What THREE occurrences at the muscle make any training method used to elicit hypertrophy effective? Drop sets, supersets, forced reps, clusters, and heavy negatives seem to be all be touched by at least one of these three. The future with occlusion training and myostatin end the discussion.

Hypertrophy & Growth

Meeting Date: 12 / 21 / 16

Attending Members: Paul BerryPatrick RahmJohannah Zabal 

Members struggle distinguishing between intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. The Self-Efficacy Model, modeling, and “being heard” seem relevant and may influence motivation within a training environment. A member presents his incentive model for the coming football strength and conditioning season for critique by the group.

Incentive Strategies

Meeting Date: 11 / 16 / 16

Attending Members: Jordan CarterTyler Koch Jon GreenwichPatrick RahmJohannah Zabal


Clarification on the definition of effect size and how it may relate to our practice. How does it differ from statistical significance? For exercise selection, where in the order does it fall when determining and ultimately prescribing all the specifics of an exercise prototcol? The discussion shifts, in a good way, to the topic of intensity and over training.

Effect Size & Exercise Selection

Meeting Date: 10 / 19 / 16

Attending Members: Tyler KochJon GreenwichPatrick RahmJohannah Zabal 

Refining a patient, client or athlete’s awareness to their own level of readiness seems to be the primary goal of many NFJ members. However, is everyone mature enough to handle the awareness of their own readiness? Note: When suffering from influenza, Michael Jordan dropped 38 points (not 60) on the Utah Jazz.


Meeting Date: 9 / 21 / 16

Attending Members: Alison Blake – Jordan CarterJon GreenwichTyler KochPatrick RahmJohannah Zabal

Which is a more robust driver of fitness – intensity or volume? How do you pronounce “voluminous”? How do we perceive and prescribe intensity when considering the response from all the bodily systems, including the lymphatic system? Discussion wraps up with talk on Crossfit creating beasts and overtraining syndrome.

Prescribing Intensity

Meeting Date: 5 / 18 / 16

Attending Members: Jon GreenwichPatrick Rahm

What’s the difference between motivation and inspiration? How does enlightenment fit in?… if at all. Eliciting awe, humility, gratitude, and rage are some of the many tools utilized to inspire. Sources of inspiration seem to come from anywhere and, as usual, everyone is inspired differently.


Meeting Date: 4 / 20 / 16

Attending Members: Patrick RahmTim Ridley

A majority of us want to preserve our health. But there’s more to the “self” then just our health. Can our identity interfere with our ability to improve and change? Our vague, often inaccurate perceptions of pain, risk and time muddy the waters. How do we coach people through these perceptions? Can people change how they perceive themselves?

Self Preservation

Meeting Date: 2 / 17 / 16

Attending Members: Alison BlakeCraig JonesPatrick RahmNatasha Tully

Power, strength, and size are often used interchangeably. How does power differ? Are the intentions behind training strength and power the same? Which exercises and intensities are utilized? Can we teach suddenness? Velocity based training, Brian Mann, and Cal Dietz are staples in the discussion. Lastly, shouldn’t power be prioritized in those aged 70 + years?


Meeting Date: 1 / 20 / 16

Attending Members: Jon GreenwichPatrick RahmGrady RenfrowTim RidleyJohannah Zabal

Achieving the “correct” depth in the back squat exercise continues to be debated; more of that here. Babies, basketball players, power-lifters, and Crossfit all seem to complicate the issue. Are the GOAL and TIME what ultimately determine the role and “look” of the back squat within any training program?

The Back Squat

Meeting Date: 12 / 16 / 15

Attending Members: Harrison BernsteinAlison BlakeJon Greenwich Patrick RahmGrady RenfrowJohannah Zabal