A Montessori education emphasizes independence and a limited freedom to choose. Coaching this self-guided approach may also apply well in fitness. As professionals, is it our duty to coach people towards self-reliance and ultimately exercise independence?

Montessori Fitness

Meeting Date: 2 / 18 / 15

Attending Members: Harrison BernsteinAmanda BuckleyPatrick RahmJohannah Zaba


06:20 – A definition of Montessori 

11:20 – Managing the client / athlete who just wants to be told what to do

14:12 – Is there a professional responsibility to educate?

17:00 – Coaching self monitoring and modifying a plan “on the fly”

23:05 – The client / athlete familiarity with “media science” and how to counter it

31:15 – Should we expect people to become more scientifically literate?

39:55 – The value of learning the WHY and HOW behind the WHAT

43:10 – Who should care more…the client / athlete or the coach? 

48:20 – Does a client / athlete have to care to get results?

50:15 – What is the role of inspiration in coaching? 

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