What is “good” or “bad” for you? These are old questions that aren’t easy to answer. Regardless, there have been and continue to be many proposed answers. Members discuss and critique several of them and offer pieces of their own.

What Is Health?

Meeting Date: 3 / 5 / 15

Attending Members: Harrison BernsteinAmanda BuckleyPatrick RahmKelley VargoJohannah Zabal


04:08 – A definition of health

08:30 – Is there an ideal picture of health?

12:30 – Can someone be sick and healthy at the same time?

26:00 – A definition of wellness

31:15 – Considering ourselves “awareness professionals” rather than “health professionals”

36:00 – What are the implications of death on health?

48:15 -The problem of small effect sizes on health

1:02:20 – The trouble with flexible diagnostic boundaries 

1:08:20 – How does age effect health?

1:22:10 – The problems of increasing the length of lifespans

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