Members discuss this challenge of determining “how much” in exercise prescription. Are there lessons to learn from pharmacology? How can exercise professionals first determine and then safely stay within the “therapeutic window” when dosing exercise.


Meeting Date: 3 / 18 / 15

Attending Members: Harrison BernsteinAlison BlakeJon GreenwichSteve PazanPatrick Rahm – Johannah Zabal


03:55 – Do you perceive whatever you prescribe (exercise, nutrition, etc) as medicine?

10:10 – Considering the dose response curve

17:30 – The window between minimum effective dose and the maximum tolerable dose

22:20 – Considering the multitude of variables that could influence the effect of a dose

28:15 – How monitoring technology may help us to better manipulate exercise dosage

39:35 – Do you more often aim to ADD or SUBTRACT behaviors?

52:40 – The rewards and risks of prescribing very high dosages 

53:30 – One CRUCIAL misunderstanding about exercise that often leads to overdose

1:07:45 – When to prescribe dosage at either of the extremes of the therapeutic window 

1:26:15 – When should we allow the client / athlete prescribe their own dosage?

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